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Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner


Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

A lot of brides-to-be wonder why they still need a wedding planner, when they are able to pull up the latest wedding planning information and view the latest designs with the click of a mouse. There is also that kind relative or friend of the family who has offered to help, so they should be able to make sure everything gets done and help get the bridal party down the aisle, right? Why not use the money that would be spent on a planner toward something else in the wedding budget?

It’s understandable why a bride-to-be would think this way, but let’s take a step back and look at everything a planner actually does.

Is a wedding planner budget friendly?

Brides usually make the mistake of waiting to see what is left over in the wedding budget, after calculatingthe cost of everything else, to hire a wedding planner.  The smart way to get the most out of your budget is actually to hire a planner from the beginning. Why?

A wedding planner can take your ideas and concepts and plan a “vision on a budget.”  That meansthat he or she, if experienced, can formulate ideas created for your moment that are also within your budget.  Your planner has connections.  It is often possible to receive discounts on vendorsand rentals when using a planner.  Experience definitely allows your wedding planner to do more for less.

  • Your planner is there to refer vendors, and help you put together a team of vendors that are suited for your needs and your personality.
  • Your planner is in communication with your vendors throughout the process, making sure there is a united flow in every aspect, brainstorming with vendors to create ideas that work for you.
  • He or she is able to create a concept, specific for your moment, that flows into every detail of the event. The food, the lighting, the music, and the décor should all show who the bride and groom are. A good wedding planner can recommend specialty vendors that reflect personal things the bride and groom enjoy, such as a coffee bar.

What services are provided by my wedding planner on the day of my event?

Your wedding planning package should include what is known as day of coordinating services.  Many wedding planners have “day of coordinating only” packages.  This way, if a bride-to-be has weighed all ofher options, and still feels she is not able to hire a planner, she can still have a coordinator for the day ofthe event.  These are what are considered to be day of coordinating services when you use Dianne Trammell and her team at Draper’s Catering:

  • Your day of coordinator meets with your dj and musicians ahead of time, creating a plan for the event, and making sure equipment is set up on time, in order to eliminate chaos.
  • Your coordinator directs your rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.
  • He or she should also meet with you at your venue, before your event, to offer their expertise on your floor plan. The floor plan effects the flow of the design and the event. It can make the difference between guests coming away saying it is the most lovely event they’ve ever been to, or being frustrated and ready to leave in a hurry!
  • He or she double checks rentals to make sure there is enough of everything, also double checking your floral order to make sure there are enough personal flowers. Your coordinator also double checks with your venue and caterers to find out what items you are responsible for providing.
  • A day of coordinator schedules arrival times with all vendors, so that everything is ready for your event on time!
  • On the day of, he or she is there to set up your venue. This may include setting up of tables and chairs, placing linens on tables, and any additional decorating not done by a florist. This also includes setting up of specialty tables, such as favor tables and guest book tables.
  • A good coordinator should stay for the duration of the event to direct the big send-off, help pack things up, and break things down.

 -Dianne Trammell, Wedding Coordinator, Bride Savers

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